Watching an argument turn into a food fight isn't what you come to expect when visiting a convenience store, but it certainly happens.

A customer wanting to use the bathroom had food thrown on him by the clerk after the argument escalated. According to one of the people in line:

“I guess the guy wanted to use the bathroom, and she said he couldn’t because they had to clean it or something. So they were going back and forth arguing, and she threw a cup on him,” Strobe said. “I was like, ‘Wow.’ Immediately I wanted to pull out my phone because I knew something was going to happen.”

The argument escalated into a full-blown food fight, with another customer getting involved and throwing packs of doughnuts right back at the clerk. The man eventually left the store, but the clerk followed him out, brandishing a golf club which, fortunately, was not used.

No word on whether charges will be filed and no one was hurt, although several packages of doughnuts were wasted during the altercation.

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