I've seen many Facebook friends over the past few weeks taking trips to Las Vegas, Arizona, and even to Mexico. I was a little surprised about Mexico seeing as how they are discouraging non-essential travel right now but it's clear that people are ready to travel and don't want to miss out on their vacations.

One common theme I have heard from so many friends has been that flights are no longer using social distancing measures. Sure, almost 100% of all passengers are wearing face masks on the flights but we are back to being packed in like sardines again.

This has been a discussion that I have kicked around in my head hundreds of times over the past few months. When is it the right time to travel again?

Personally, I love to travel. Trying new foods and seeing new places is a passion of mine and I have been trying to wait patiently to see how the pandemic is going to proceed. While all I really want to do is travel, the last thing I want to do is get sick or one of my family or friends get sick.

What is your feeling toward traveling right now? Would you feel comfortable getting on a plane to go on vacation right now? Or are you waiting to see the COVID-19 numbers decrease before you want to jump on a flight?

One thing is certain, after all of our plans for 2020 being put on hold so far most people are looking forward to a tremendous year in 2021 as long as this pandemic quits ruining our plans.

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