For weeks and weeks now we have been asked to practice social distancing, and avoid crowded places and businesses if at all possible. We know that large festivals and music concerts will be on hold for a while. All of these decisions are made by government officials and public health officials. But how long are you going to wait to travel?

This topic has been thrown around online by lots of people with everyone having their own point of view. There are lots of people that are ready to reopen businesses at 100% and want to return to the normal that we had months ago. Although, there are plenty of people that are willing to stay at home for longer to lower their risk of contracting COVID-19.

The temptation is only going to rise as we see states like Florida that will be reopening the Florida Keys on June 1st, and on that same date, you will see the Las Vegas Strip open back up to the public and party animals.

Obviously, no one wants to get sick or anyone in their family sick. But do we just quit living life until the numbers go down further? That is so difficult with the huge increase in unemployment numbers and seeing so many business owners struggling to stay afloat.

It's clear that no one knows the perfect strategy to react after something like the COVID-19 pandemic we have all been struggling to get through. But, how long will you be waiting to travel after this? Will you be waiting to travel until 2021, or are you ready to resume regular travel plans now?

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