America's malls may be on life support, but they aren't dead yet.

While many major retailers have gone the way of the dinosaur, Colorado shoppers still love a good mall. There is something strangely satisfying about being surrounded by countless stores, shops, restaurants, and eateries - not to mention all the shoppers.

Cherry Creek Shopping Center is one of Colorado's biggest, nicest, and most popular malls featuring around 160 stores and restaurants. Park Meadows in Lone Tree is another large one with around 187 outlets. Colorado Mills has fully reopened featuring more than 160 restaurants and stores.

But, the largest mall in Colorado I'm aware of is Flatiron Crossing in Broomfield with more than 200 stores and restaurants to choose from. You'll find a lot of the mall-typical stores but you'll also find some out-of-the-ordinary offerings like Bad Daddy's Burgers, Banana Republic, Disney Store, Fuzziwigs Candy Factory, and H & M.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Here is a surprising fact. I love shopping malls. Who knew? However, during the holiday season, I avoid them like the plague. The holidays bring long lines and crowded aisles. But, outside the holiday season, there is great fun to be had.

Mesa Mall in Grand Junction certainly isn't one of the larger malls in the state, but I'm really glad it's here. I think we are lucky to have a nice mall, even though it's lost some of the big retailers. I'm hoping it will be here for years to come.

But, when it comes to the mega-malls in the state, Flatiron Crossing is one you should check out sometime when you are on the front range.

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