We all know how difficult it is to find a place to live, or pay utilities. Sometimes our needs don't match our income, and when that's the case who will help us bridge the gap?

These agencies in Grand Junction offer assistance in a variety of ways from rental assistance to electric or gas bill assistance and more, they are here to help.

Catholic Outreach - 245 1st St Grand Junction

The wonderful folks here are always ready to help in any way they can. From rent to utilities, Catholic Outreach is usually the first name out of the mouths of locals when someone asks about assistance. Because the need locally is so great and the funds are limited, it usually maxes out at around $250.00. If you can show that you can make the payments going forward, it makes the process that much easier. Their phone number is (970) 241-3658.

This agency was created to bring all of the community's needs together under one organization. Whether your needs are for adult services, economic assistance or more, DHS is there to help. The first stop is always a phone call, so if you need help, let them help you. Call (970) 241-8480

Grand Junction Salvation Army - 1235 N 4th St Grand Junction

The Salvation Army is always looking for new ways to help their communities and the crew in Grand Junction are no different. From the thrift stores that offer decent clothing at low or no cost to providing food. In some extremely serious cases, a small loan for rental assistance. Case managers will try to help with employment assistance and rides if necessary. Call (970) 242-7513.

Grand Junction Housing Authority - 8 Foresight Circle Grand Junction

Although the waiting list for housing help is years long, GJHA offers a number of programs to help families get back on top of things. Through housing programs and home ownership services, the Housing Authority and their helpful, knowledgeable staff are always ready to help, whether by getting you into a home, or helping you prepare to buy one, and everything in between, the Grand Junction Housing Authority stands tall in the community. Call (970) 245-0388

This is a Federally funded program designed to put the cost of utilities within reach for families. Leap not only helps with reducing the amount you will have to pay for utilities but also with weatherization and energy crisis assistance. Click the link above to get you to their website and get started.

If you are in need of assistance, you aren't facing it alone. These and other similar programs are designed to help get individuals and families back on their feet. Contact one of these fine groups and get back to the business of living, not trying to live.

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