It's the last days of Kmart on North Avenue in Grand Junction, so it's time to start thinking about what could go there in its place.

I have five somewhat crazy ideas that should be considered.

For starters, let me suggest indoor batting cages and driving range. There are a ton of golfers and softball players that would love nothing more than swinging the ole' bat or golf clubs year 'round.

How about a gigantic indoor pool and water park with a glass retractable roof so water enthusiasts could take advantage of Grand Junction's 300+ days of sunshine each year. Slides, a wave pool, hot tubs, and other water features could fill the entire complex.

This one sounds crazy, but I'm thinking some sort of food court. Like the food court in a big mall, without all the stores. It wouldn't have to necessarily be fast food.

Remember the Yum Yum Tree in Denver where you could get anything from Italian or Mexican food to Chinese, BBQ, American, or simply dessert? I LOVED the Yum Yum Tree when I was growing up. What a great addition to Grand Junction that would be.

Not that we need another sports bar in Grand Junction, but there's not a whole lot to choose from on North Avenue, so how about a Dave and Busters. Food, lots of huge TVs, and video games galore. Why not?

My last idea, and certainly not least, is a huge indoor miniature golf and fun center complex. We could play miniature golf all year, have tournaments for all ages, and we would have another great indoor activity during the cold winter months. You could add cornhole, ping pong, billiards, and maybe even a large section for laser tag.

I'm open to other suggestions and considering my ideas, nothing is too crazy, whacky, or absurd. Bring on the suggestions!

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