Mesa County School District 51 students have announced they plan to stage a walkout to lend their voices to needed changes in gun laws.

For many people, changes to gun laws are tantamount to having their rights trampled. I disagree.

One of the changes they are looking to get lawmakers to change is the age at which you can purchase a firearm. The students are looking to encourage lawmakers to change the legal age for owning a firearm to 21 years of age from the current 18 years.

They are also hoping that those who make the laws can see that some common sense when it comes to guns is the best way to work through this issue. Here then are five reasons why I agree with the students.

  • Exercising their rights

    We teach our children about laws and rights and when they see something that doesn't make sense or is just wrong they want to change it. And that's a good thing.

  • Social Responsibility

    Take a look at Facebook and see how many memes or posts there are about irresponsible young people. Then look at the D 51 students trying to effect change. Meme that.

  • Future Generations

    Anyone who thinks these young people are planning this for attention is mistaken. Hoping to not only protect themselves but future generations of students as well. The plan is to put pressure on those who can make changes to make them.

  • Peaceful Plans

    They aren't going to carry rocks and sticks and cause a riot. They want to peacefully gather, as students, to let us know they're scared but want to do something about it.

  • Seeing the big picture

    The level of maturity coming from these students makes it easier to side with them. They aren't screaming. They aren't breaking windows. They are trying to get people together to talk about these issues. How can they feel safe within the walls of the school when there are threats of violence?

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