For those who are looking for something different this Thanksgiving, here are five options I put together for you. Which one sounds the best to you?

With Thanksgiving now only a few weeks away, you want to start planning for it now, so we have put together five nontraditional ways for you to celebrate turkey day and have some fun in the process.

Thanksgiving with an International Theme

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As a lover of Italian food, I can tell you I would not be the least bit upset if we had lasagna, manicotti and other Italian favorites one year. Or maybe a Mexican theme or Oriental or whatever and wherever you like the food. Dressing the part is also a fun way to incorporate the unique aspect of this Thanksgiving celebration. Places like Carol's Oriental Food and Gift or Carniceria Sonora would be good starting points for your meal.

Thanksgiving in the Park

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If the weather cooperates, why not head to your favorite park and have it there? Picture a nice, warm Thanksgiving morning, taking the family to Long's Park or Canyon View Park, letting the kids play as you create an outdoor feast! Outdoor dinners are fun anyway but you can make this Thanksgiving epic if it's nice enough outside. Grilling turkey? Oh yes.

Feed the Homeless

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Volunteer your time to those who may not have the chance to enjoy Thanksgiving by helping out with dinner at a shelter or soup kitchen. There will always be time later to have your celebration, but think about how good it would feel to take the family to help those less fortunate. Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley would love your help and are always looking for volunteers!

Take a Vacation

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There are a number of really cool places you can go for Thanksgiving. How about heading to New York City for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Or a little further east to the Plimoth Plantation near Boston which many say is the place the first Thanksgiving took place. Here you can decide on how you would like to celebrate that day. You can go with a history theme and eat the way the first settlers did, or perhaps go with another option they have available. Thanksgiving in Denver offers a number of choices, and you can always find some fun, inexpensive ways to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Take a Run

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Get your crew together and head out to the Grand Junction Turkey Trot and Little Gobbler run on Thanksgiving morning for a healthy and fun way to kick off your celebration. It starts and ends at Two Rivers Convention Center and will be up and running (pun intended) at 9:30 A.M.

Share how you would like to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, or any year!

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