We wanted to know what Coloradans (and our neighbors) love to eat the most when it comes to Thanksgiving. These are the most-searched Thanksgiving recipes in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

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Here are the most popular Thanksgiving foods in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming, according to Delish.

The most searched food in Colorado for Thanksgiving is glazed ham. I don't know why you'd have a plain ham when you could have a delicious glazed ham.

The most searched Thanksgiving food in Utah is leftovers in crescent rolls. Thanksgiving leftovers are just as good as the first day you eat them and it's cool to see Utah getting creative with their Thanksgiving leftovers.

New Mexico is opting for something out of the box for Thanksgiving and we want to try it. The most searched Thanksgiving recipe in New Mexico -- apple pie empanadas.

Wyoming's most popular Thanksgiving recipe isn't for turkey, ham or mashed potatoes. The most searched Thanksgiving recipe in Wyoming is a recipe for pork chops.

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