Lincoln Park, the park across from the Capitol building is being closed by the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) over a rat infestation.

A sign was put up this morning stating the park was being closed due to rodent infestation, human waste and the accumulation of trash. The people who regularly sleep in the park were notified as well this morning that the park was now closed and they would have to vacate.

The park is also the site of a homeless camp, which was in danger of closing anyway due to the announcement from the city attorney that they may reinstitute the camping ban in the city's parks. 

The DDPHE has also reported 91 cases of hepatitis, of which 70 were connected to people who are homeless.

The closing of the park could last several weeks as officials clean up the park and find a way to handle the rat infestation as well.

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