Summer is here, and living in Grand Junction we're no strangers to the heat! We all need to cool down every now and then, but sometimes it takes a little creativity. Here are the five best ways to cool off in Grand Junction.

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    Your Favorite Local Bar/Restaurant

    Who says you have to get wet to cool down? Just wet down your taste buds with a frothy cold beer from one of the great local hangouts in town.

    You can chill in their air-conditioned greatness, grab something to eat, this way you don't have to bake while cooking, and hang with your friends.

  • Orion Wiseman, Flickr
    Orion Wiseman, Flickr

    Float the Colorado River

    We have a majestic river flowing through our backyard! Utilize this awesome piece of nature to get some relief from the heat.

    Grab your friends, a couple inner tubes and hit the river. Make sure to take plenty of water, some good snacks and behave yourself.

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    The Mesa Mall

    Why not head to the mall to cool off? It's air conditioned, you can walk around to get some exercise out of the melting sun and you really don't need to spend a dime!

    Take the kids, they'll need to stretch their legs too.


  • Townsquare Media
    Townsquare Media

    The Potholes in Glade Park

    This little gem is a small drive, but well worth it.

    The area is well shaded to escape the melting forces of the Sun, the water is the perfect temp to cool you off and how could you not love the views.

    We don't suggest the jumping off the cliffs, it's a bit dangerous, besides just lounging in the water works.

    And please no glass bottles and pack out your trash to keep the area clean.

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    Invade Your Neighbors Pool

    With their permission of course!

    Offer up some delicious grub and drinks, and we're sure your neighbor would love to have the company.

    Just don't overuse this privilege, you don't want to become "that" neighbor.

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