Apparently, there are no rules when it comes to making beer.

I came to that conclusion when I saw the story about Colorado's Oskar Blues Brewery creating a brand new beer with French's mustard. Is there anything you can't put in beer?

Let me be clear. I don't drink beer. But I do find it extremely interesting to hear about the unlikely ingredients that are sometimes used to create a new and unique brew. Keep in mind, this is coming from a guy who has been known to combine mustard with some pretty unlikely foods.

The tasting notes from Oskar Blues say the beer features "hints of key lime, lemon, tangerine, and passion fruit." One beer taster said the mustard flavor was distinctive and said it tasted like "drinking a hot dog and a fruit salad at the same time." He seemed to really like it.

The unique combination of beer and mustard of this limited release brew is going to appeal to those who like a tart beverage but also appreciate the spice of the mustard. Others are going to prefer their mustard on their hot dog, not in their drink. I guess that's the thing about craft beer. Every single flavor out there is not going to necessarily appeal to every beer drinker. It's different strokes for different folks, but if you are beer connoisseur, you might want to give mustard beer a shot. After all, it was born right here in Colorado.

You'll find French's Mustard Beer at the Oskar Blues taprooms in Longmont and Boulder or online.




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