People visit here quite regularly and they always want to take something home as a keepsake of their visit, but where do they go to get the good stuff?

The answer to that question depends on what it is they want to buy. Check these places out and add your own.

Honestly, it doesn't get any better than candy made in Grand Junction. With gifts ranging from less than $25.00 to over $100, you can't go wrong with Enstrom.

Rock and the crew have such an excellent selection, some you can only find at Triple Play. It's a great shop, great owners, and great music. This is a must go.

Things you will only find in Colorado, things you can't find anywhere else. And some really cool odds and ends that any visitor would love to take home. And the folks in here are awesome.

With over 1,000 plants as well as aromatherapy and culinary plants, locals and visitors alike love this place. You can also find body care products here.

You have had so much fun here you forgot to get something to take home. Hey, it happens. Well, inside the airport you will find a number of shops to help take care of that need for something to remember Grand Junction.

Those are my choices, how about you?

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