We celebrate the birthday of Elvis Presley today (Jan. 8) with a look at five Beatles songs that were sung by Elvis.

Elvis Presley had already experienced a lifetime of success before the Beatles ever came along, so he certainly didn't need to play off of their popularity to add to his own success. The Elvis renditions weren't big hits, but it showed a different side of Elvis.

Whether it was intentional or not, it's interesting to note that none of the tunes Elvis sang were by John Lennon. They were all Paul McCartney songs, except for one by George Harrison.

  • 1

    Hey Jude

    Six months after the Beatles released Hey, Jude, Elvis recorded the song and it was released three years later on the album Elvis Now.

  • 2

    Get Back

    Elvis used Get Back to blend with his hit Little Sister.  The song wasn't officially released until 1980 on the box set Elvis Aron Presley.

  • 3


    It's the most covered song of all-time, so it only seems fitting that the "king" would do a version. Elvis did the song during his Las Vegas shows in 1969 and it was released the next near on the album On Stage.

  • 4

    Lady Madonna

    Elvis did not really intend to record Lady Madonna, but came out of a recording session for a Christmas album. Elvis didn't even know all of the words. The informal recording was released on the box set Walk a Mile in My Shoes.

  • 5


    After Yesterday, Something was the Beatles' most covered song. Elvis sang it live during his Aloha From Hawaii concert special.