Finally, there is a place for mismatched and unwanted socks.

We all have them. Usually, they just hang around endlessly in the sock drawer hoping that one day their sock mate will return. But, it never does. Once a sock disappears, it enters the fourth dimension - unseen by human eyes, which makes its return to the present dimension impossible.

For some reason, though, we keep thinking that through some mysterious and, perhaps, miraculous intervention, a lost sock will be returned to the fold, and be reunited with a mate. Consequently, we hold on to those useless socks for months, even years

Wouldn't it be better for a singular mismatched sock to be sent off to a place where it can live out the rest of its usefulness on a loving foot, that won't care that the other foot doesn't match? It makes so much sense to me.

That's why Homeward Bound's Lost Sock Drive is such a good idea. There are plenty of people in need who would be more than happy to have a sock on both feet, regardless of whether or not they are an exact match. That's what the Lost Sock Drive is all about.

People who have mismatched socks - and again, that's pretty much all of us-- are asked to donate mismatched socks during the month of September to the Lost Sock Drive to help those who probably don't even have a sock drawer.

You can drop off your sock donations during the month of September at Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley on North Avenue or at Benge's on Main Street. All we ask that you don't donate socks that have holes. Those should simply be thrown away or put in your rag bag.

With the weather transitioning to fall, and winter close behind, it's more important than ever that Grand Valley residents -- even those without homes - are able to keep their feet nice and warm.

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