We all know people in Colorado love their guns. Residents of our state own so many firearms we could arm a small country.

Before you go out and lobby for more gun control - or go get more guns to be better armed - keep in mind the data is based on averages and not exact numbers.

To come up with this estimate, Movoto Real Estate referred to data from a Switzerland Small Arms Survey 2007: Guns and the City which estimates gun ownership in the US at approximately 88.8%.

Movoto then compared that data with countries around the world to see what country each US state most closely matched. For Colorado, that country was Spain.

What this means is, Colorado residents own roughly 4.5 million guns. This pales in comparison to the estimated 33 million guns owned by the 37 million residents in California.

Before you get too nervous, remember, these are just estimates and the real numbers may be lower or higher depending on the state. Admittedly, Colorado is likely higher than the national average.

Some solid facts from the National Safety Council indicate you're more likely to die from a heart attack, cancer, poisoning, car accident or a fall than you are of being killed by a firearm. That should give you a fair amount comfort and peace of mind.