Colorado's thrilling water coaster would be a fun way to cool off before summer is gone.

The Mile High Flyer Water Coaster is one of the attractions at Denver's Water World and it is wildly popular. It must be great fun because a recent guest to Water World told me the wait for the ride was at least an hour. The Water World website rates the ride as "high" thrills.

The world of water slides is ever-changing and progressing. Gone are the days where the thrill of simply sliding down a large slide into a pool is enough. I remember growing up in Brush, Colorado and going down the water slide at the local pool, which I'm sure was less than 10 feet high. At the time we thought it was pretty cool.

Nowadays, slides are much bigger and faster, filled with loops, turns, twists, and tunnels. The race is on to see what the next big water thrill ride will be. For now, the king in Colorado looks to be the Mile High Flyer Water Coaster.

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