Even Colorado moose know that pedestrians have the right of way. Watch this moose take his time using a crosswalk in Breckenridge.

It seems like this moose is very polite or he just knows that you have to stop for him. I'm not sure if he looks both ways before crossing, but he does use the crosswalk.

The moose slowly walks across the crosswalk as the car behind him (who is filming the whole thing) patiently waits for him to cross. Not that they really have a choice because there's only one way to go and the moose is blocking it.

This moose looks like he's maybe making his way home after a long day of work or maybe he was hitting the slopes. If it's the same moose that was chasing skiiers at Breckenridge Ski Resort, I bet he's exhausted.

It'd be amazing to see this majestic and polite animal this up close. Especially when he's this calm, cool and collected. (Or just tired from chasing skiiers.)

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