A Colorado town has made the New York Times list of 52 places to go, which includes destinations in places like Argentina, Mozambique, Portugal, Italy, and Alaska.

Estes Park Makes the List

The town of Estes Park received the notable distinction from the New York Times of being on a short worldwide list of places to go in 2022. As if the town isn't crowded enough, imagine how many more people from around the world may be coming to visit after learning about this attractive Colorado mountain town.

According to the Times editors, this year's list focuses on places "where change is actually happening...and where travelers can be part of the change."

What the New York Times Says About Estes Park

Here's what the New York Times says about Estes Park:

"A ski town with no ski lifts makes for a smaller carbon footprint and gets travelers outdoors."

Hooray for being outdoors and for preserving the environment, but I can just feel the eye rolls of Colorado skiers who would scoff at this apparent dig against ski lifts as if somehow they are to blame for degrading our natural landscape.

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The Appeal of Estes Park

There's no question that Estes Park is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts with opportunities for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, camping, and wildlife photography. There are plenty of reasons to visit Estes, and I'm not sure having a "smaller carbon footprint" is going to truly draw the masses.

To put Estes Park on a shortlist of worldwide destinations is pretty impressive. The list includes places Zihuatanejo, Mexico; Queens, New York; Chioggia, Italy; Chimanimani, Mozambique, the Alentejo Wine Country in Portugal; Cobscook Shores, Main; and Hoonah, Alaska.

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