This was the scene earlier today (Sunday, May 15, 2016) on the Grand Mesa. There are still areas covered with waist deep snow. Take the short drive up the Mesa and enjoy the snow one more time before Summer rolls in.

Sunday morning went as follows:

  • Grand Junction was cloudy
  • It rained fairly steady in Collbran
  • Cool and plenty of snow at Mesa Lakes

Travel time from Grand Junction to Mesa Lakes: 45 minutes. In my gas guzzling truck, it took a little less than a quarter of a tank of gas.

My journey included a short detour to Collbran. At roughly 8:15 this morning, Collbran was enjoying a nice, steady rain. Temperatures were pleasant... perfect sweatshirt weather.

It was so nice at Collbran, the decision was made to head up to Powderhorn. Upon reaching Powderhorn, it seemed reasonable to drive the extra five miles up to Mesa Lakes. The drive alone is worth it.

Upon reaching the pull-off at Mesa Lakes, it became instantly obvious these were perfect Fluffy conditions. Fluffy is my furry little half-Chow dog. Fluffy loves all things snow. This was a dream come true for him.

The snow was filthy, but hey, it's still snow, right? Fluffy loved it. There is a pleasant little walk between the lake and the nearby stream. Each step was unique. One step might guarantee solid footing, while the next step could send you down to your bellybutton in snow. Put simply, you just take your chances.

If you find yourself already longing for snow, or simply need a chance to get away, set your course for the top of the Mesa. Grand Junction to Mesa Lakes averages out at 45 minutes. The different in conditions between the two locations, however, can be night and day. Before Summer officially rolls in, why not grab your family and head up the Mesa?