As the snow melts and the spring runoff occurs, The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has a specific emergency plan in place if an additional mudslide occurs in the West Salt Creek area near Collbran.

Ever since the original mudslide in May 2014 which killed three people, the area has been carefully monitored. Now, with the heavy snowpack and likelihood of a generous runoff, a mudslide is again a very real possibility.

With that in mind, The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has a plan based on three easy to remember levels which are 'Get Ready, Get Set, Go!'

Get Ready, is a Level 1 response that ensures agencies involved are on alert about the possibility of a landslide.

Get Set, is a Level 2 response when conditions exist that could become life threatening. At this phase, agencies and the public will be notified about conditions and the possible need to evacuate.

Go, is a Level 3 response and is the most serious. At this phase, a landslide is highly likely, if not already beginning to occur, and there is life threatening danger.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has complete details including full explanations of the threat levels as well as routes that should be used in the event of an evacuation.

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