During a summer of historic (and in some cases tragic) flooding in and around Yellowstone National Park, there's one moment that I can share that's been positive. Visitors to the park captured video of an elk calf successfully crossing the raging Yellowstone River.

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It's been decades since we've seen this type of flooding in Yellowstone. Based on the video description, this happened last week inside Yellowstone. Here's how the person who shared the video described it:

Elk and her calf were on one side of the river in Yellowstone on June 7, 2022. Mom swam across wanting the calf to follow. It took a little bit to get the courage to cross. What a brave swim with a great ending.

You'll see the calf separated from her mother deliberating on how to get to where she was. After some trepidation, she makes a brave swim to the crowd's delight.

As we've shared recently, Yellowstone National Park has announced they will have all entrances closed a 'significant time' and as much as half of the park could be closed all summer.

Already this summer we've seen housing for park employees washed away during the flooding. This video is a nice reminder that nature still wins sometimes as wildlife also deals with this unprecedented spring and summer of water overflowing its banks.

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