Colorado is one of four states that allows recreational marijuana use, but the dance floor may be about to get more crowded with 11 states likely to legalize recreational pot in the near future.

Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska are the four states that presently allow the recreational use of marijuana. One common denominator among those four states is that prior to the legalization of pot, each already had provisions in place for the use of medical marijuana, and they each had passed laws to reduce the penalties for possession of small amounts of pot.

According to a study by 24/7 Wall St. , based upon these past trends and the current course of action, there are no less than 11 states in the country that seem primed to take the next step and legalize recreational marijuana use.

The 11 states that are most likely to be next in line to legalize pot are Massachusetts, Nevada, California, New York, Vermont, Minnesota, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Main, and Delaware.

There seems to have been a national shift regarding people's attitude toward pot. It's widespread acceptance has been in a gradual incline, but now seems more like  a raging wildfire. It is inevitable that eventually all 50 states will embrace the concept of legal recreational marijuana use.

How long will it be before other drugs follow suit?

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