In case you haven't noticed, it has been abnormally hot and dry the last few weeks. So dry, authorities have issued a high fire danger warning throughout Mesa County and other parts of western Colorado.

Typically, in August and September, there is adequate rainfall to keep the fire danger low to moderate. But so far this year, those months have been both drier and hotter.

The warmer weather has made it more desirable for camping, hiking, and fall color trips to the mountains. Plus, hunting season is underway, so the potential for human caused wildfires, including out of control or improperly extinguished campfires, is particularly concerning.

Right now, there are no fire restrictions in place. So, enjoy a campfire but keep it attended at all times and make sure the fire is completely out and the embers are cold before leaving. Even one hot spot or spark has the potential to start a wildfire.

As a comparison, according to Weather Underground, Grand Junction received 0.37 inches of precipitation in August and from September 1 through 10 received almost no measurable precipitation. In 2016, precipitation during the same period totaled 0.71 inches.

Average temperatures are typically near 88 degrees. This year, August averaged 92 degrees and the first 10 days of September averaged 93.

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