Downtown Grand Junction will never look the same again.

It happened during the recent Downtown Art Festival. A host of volunteers, from the young to the old, came to downtown Grand Junction with paintbrushes in hand and commenced to paint the town all sorts of different colors like green, blue, red, yellow, white, and others.

Exactly what got painted were crosswalks at the intersection of 5th and Colorado. They look really cool.

Davon Balet
Davon Balet

Last fall, downtown Grand Junction became a certified Creative District through the state. Caitlynn Love, the Marketing and Communications Specialist for downtown Grand Junction told me the creative district will play a large role in the "vibrancy and arts scene" in downtown Grand Junction. She says they have always wanted to paint a crosswalk and to get the community engaged in a placemaking project.

The painting project comes at the end of a long chain of events including the approval process, and a ton of community involvement. In the end, over 50 volunteers showed up to help paint the crosswalks and give the south entrance to downtown a color makeover.

Caitlyn says we can look forward to many more projects like this in the future involving the Grand Junction community.

The next time you are in the downtown area, take note of the colorful crosswalks at 5th and Colorado. Yes, it's a relatively small thing, but downtown Grand Junction is just looking better and better all the time.

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