Since I moved here nearly seven months ago, I've always wondered why downtown Grand Junction closes down so early, any ideas?

When I came to visit for my initial interview with Townsquare Media, we stayed at a hotel downtown, where we got to experience downtown Grand Junction up close and personal, but that was a short stint.

However, other than an occasional stop in at Naggy McGees, the Rockslide or Sabrossas, I have not had a chance to explore downtown Grand Junction even once.

Why? Because I work during the day, like I imagine most Grand Junction-ites who live here do. My question is this, If businesses aren't trying to attract local folks who work for a living, who are they trying to attract? The people with no jobs?

Some of the smaller cities I've lived in from Appleton, Wis.,  Anchorage, Alaska or Duluth, Minn. have all kept their downtown stores open to 7 or 8 in the evenings and 9 or 10 on weekends in Anchorage.

I think downtown Grand Junction is a gold mine if they let it be. If local business owners downtown are making money, I guess more power to them if it is a hobby.

I'll just head off to the mall or Denver or Salt Lake City for the weekends to shop.

But downtown has potential to be bigger and busier if they would let it.

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