One of the hottest trends across the country is doorbell cameras, and depending on where you live in Mesa County, you have a chance to win one.

Doorbell Cameras Can Help Solve Crime

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office wants to draw attention to the value of doorbell cames and how important they can be as an investigative tool for law enforcement. If you have a surveillance camera system, they would like for you to register it with the Sheriff's Office just so they know it exists. That way, when a crime takes place in a particular neighborhood, officers know who in the neighborhood might have images that would help with the investigation. Registering your system does not give law enforcement access to your system.

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Are You In Unincorporated Mesa County?

Entries are now being accepted by the Mesa County Sheriff's Office to win one of 10 security cameras. The catch is, you have to be a resident of unincorporated Mesa County.

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Department, "unincorporated" means areas in Mesa County that are "not part of a city that has their own form of government. As one person commented on the MSCO Facebook page "it means any part of Mesa County that has green street signs. Anywhere that has blue street signs is considered city limits."

Once you figure out if you live in "unincorporated" Mesa County,  you can enter to win on the Mesa County Sheriff's Office website. Entries will be accepted through December 31 and the winners will be drawn on January 3.

8 Tips To Help Prevent Crime At Your House

Having a surveillance camera is one way to help prevent and solve neighborhood crimes. Here are some tips from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office to help keep your home safe from burglars.

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