Are you in the mood to check out a few incredible classic automobiles? When is the next car show planning to roll through Grand Junction? It doesn't matter. You can check out a couple of magnificent cars anytime with these photos.

A number of car dealerships in Western Colorado enjoy having a classic or two on hand at any given time. This particular dealership keeps three beauties on the showroom at all times. Unfortunately, they are on display for your enjoyment only. They are not for sale.

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No Need to Wait

If you have an interest in automobiles, you probably enjoy attending Grand Junction area car shows. Travel back in time a few years, and you could visit the car museum at Allen Unique Autos and get your fix. Well, what if you want to lay your eyes on a few classics right now?

Just Down the Road

Right now these cars are on display in the Ford showroom at Western Slope Auto in Grand Junction. Take a peek at four pieces of eye candy you'll fall in love with.

For Your Enjoyment

On the floor right now you'll find a 1929 Ford Model "A," a 1964 1/2 Mustang, a 1967 with a paint job that cost more than a Harvard education, and a newer Shelby with a "you no touch" sign on it.

Other Classic Cars

Another auto dealer in Grand Junction, Clark's Auto, makes it a policy to have at least one classic automobile on the lot at any given time. In the case of Clark's Auto, their classics are for sale.

My dad was a car guy, and roughly 30 years ago, he restored a 1960 Thunderbird. Since then, I've had something of a passion for the 1956, 1957, and 1960 Thunderbirds. Sorry, but the '58 and '59 are a little too "boxy" for me.

Barely a month ago I was driving down Pitkin and spotted my dream car, a 1960 Ford Thunderbird, on the lot at Clark's. I spoke with the salesperson and expressed my interest. Clark's Auto gave it a new paint job, an original, albeit somewhat odd, color selection for that particular year. It looked a bit like a pimp-mobile, but I was sincerely interested in purchasing it. Regrettably, I didn't move fast enough and someone else got it.

Take a Look

There's no need to wait for the next organized car show. For that matter, why fight the summer heat? I'll save you some time and a little wear-and-tear on your automobile by providing a short photo gallery of these awesome cars.

While your at it, keep a sharp eye out on some of the other Grand Junction lots. You never know what classics might appear. They aren't always for sale, but they sure are fun to dream about.

Classic Cars You Can See at Any Time in Grand Junction

There's no need to hold out for the next car show. You can check out this magnificent cars anytime in Grand Junction.

Those cars were awesome. While you're at it, check out these Robert Grant photos from Grand Junction's past.

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