It's not the most pleasant of thoughts, but do you have earwigs tunneling through your ears and into your brain?

Well,  you may have a problem with earwigs but it's not your brain you need to worry about. The fact is, according to the Colorado State University Extension Service, contrary to popular belief, earwigs are not interested in your brain, nor will you find them in your ears. (reader breathes sigh of relief.....)

Earwigs are most commonly found in the summertime, and it's quite possible you will find them in  your yard. While they can be damaging to your garden,  you would much rather have them outside than crawling across your face at night while you sleep. You will find earwigs in damp areas beneath stones and sidewalks,  or under carpets, debris or in the soil.

These creepy little creatures won't harm  you - except for maybe a pinch - but they feed on the leaves and roots of flowers, vegetables, and shrubs so you probably should try to eliminate them. They reproduced quickly so an infestation could number in the thousands.

Earwigs can be dealt with in a variety of ways including trapping them, or applying insecticide. And, there are some effective ways to keep these pesky varmints outside.

  • Eliminate damp, moist conditions in the crawl space under your house
  • Put a clean, dry border around the foundation of your house
  • Eliminate piles of yard debris and leaves
  • Check door thresholds, windows, and screens for a tight fit

If you are like me, you don't enjoy creepy, crawly bugs, but we can all be relieved to know that we aren't going to wake up tomorrow morning with a colony of earwigs nestled inside our ears.



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