Over the past month, we have all experienced things we never thought we would have to go through. One thing that I will never forget will be the toilet paper shortage when this whole thing started. I never understood why people we stocking up, but whatever makes you feel better is fine by me.

We all experienced things like working from home, which I never thought I would be doing my whole radio show from home. It was nice being able to spend more time with my wife at home each day, but I also had my dogs (Koda and Gypsy) randomly jump into a few of my conference calls.

Wearing a mask, limiting stops at the grocery store, and social distancing were a change but with time it seemed to become easier. Unfortunately, while I was at home I noticed a few people spending time with me and I did NOT appreciate it.

It was a pleasure being with my wife and dogs, but on two different occasions in the middle of my workday, I found disgusting, horrible, and nasty cockroaches. Our home is near a big open plot of land, and we all know there will be insects and bugs over there, but I should have taken notes from our neighbor who had an exterminator out at their house two weeks ago.

I'm still learning things about this new house and all of the things we need to do, such as service the swamp cooler before using it this summer. There are always hurdles as a homeowner, but living here in beautiful Grand Junction makes it all worth it.

Also, do you have an exterminator that you recommend?

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