A startling Grand Junction trend has some serious implications for single men and women in the Grand Valley.

According to 2010  U.S. Census figures, the gender gap in Grand Junction is diminishing. In 2000, more than 51% of Grand Junction residents were women. That number dropped to 50.55% in 2010. If the current trend continues, before long there will be more men in Grand Junction than women - and that's bad news for the single guys.

For many years, single guys have enjoyed a large population of single women in Grand Junction. In fact, recent numbers indicate less than half of the households in Grand Junction contain married couples, so not only has there been more women than men, more of them have been available.

Here's the good news. While the number of women in town may be dwindling, a guy's chances of finding a good-looking women are pretty high considering the fact we have about 75 beauty salons and spas in Grand Junction, according to Google.

The message to the ladies is pretty clear, as competition for the single men increases- if you're looking for a guy, bring your "A" game. You can better your chances of snagging a good man by taking advantage of the services of one of the many beauty salons we have. And guys - take a shower, put on some clean jeans and give these ladies something to look at.

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