A woman from Virginia who was fishing at Dillon Reservoir this month caught an Arctic Char that has been certified as a Colorado a state record.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), Dr. Lindsay Regali was fishing with her husband on November 9 when she caught the fish which weighed 4.15 pounds and was 23.5 inches long.

The previous Dillon Reservoir record was 3.75 pounds and 20.5 inches. That record was set in 1994 by Marshall Brenner

CPW stocked the reservoir with arctic char in the 1990's. After a decade break, CPW biologists started a stocking program again in 2008 that lasted through 2015.

Arctic Char are cousins to salmon and lake trout. They are a very slow growing fish and CPW Area Aquatic Biologist Jon Ewert says,

The one Linsday caught was a nice, large fish and it's very satisfying to see the excitement that it brought her. I'm sure news of the catch will attract other anglers to Dillon to see if they can break her record."

CPW says there are special regulations for arctic char at Dillon reservoir. The regulation states that anglers can keep one fish over 20 inches. All arctic char less than 20 inches must be returned to the water immediately.

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