Many people in Grand Junction have found a great friend and companion at the Roice-Hurst Humane Society pet shelter. Your next loyal friend is probably there waiting for you right now.

  • Chocolate

    Boxer/Terrier/Pit Bull Mix

    Chocolate is the kind of dog to have if you love being active outdoors. He's playful, energetic and ready for adventure.

    He's best around adults and older children and may be willing to share his family with another dog.

    An introduction to your entire family, including pets, would be a great way to see if he's a good fit.

    Roice-Hurst Humane Society
  • Snow

    Snow loves to play and also loves to be the center of attention. That won't be hard to get from you since she's so adorable.

    She's timid until she gets to know you. Once she does, she's sure to bring plenty of happiness to your home.

    Roice-Hurst Humane Society
  • Apache

    Domestic Short Hair Mix

    Apache had a rough start as a feral kitten. He's been in foster care for the last several months learning that humans are loving and kind.

    Because of his early kittenhood, he's still very nervous in new situations. With some patience and love, he becomes very affectionate and very playful.

    Talk to the Cat Care Specialist to learn more about Apache.

    Roice-Hurst Humane Society