A historic theatre in Delta, Colorado is for sale, and a prospective buyer has huge plans for the venue. See what's in store for Western Colorado's Egyptian Theatre.

The Egyptian Theatre at 452 Main Street in Delta, along with its counterpart, the Tru Vu Drive In, went up for sale earlier in 2022. As it turns out, a buyer with an extensive background in music production plans to take the reins.

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Huge Announcement Regarding Delta Colorado's Egyptian Theatre

On the evening of Sunday, September 4, 2022, Kelly Anderson, the Executive Director of the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra, released the following statement via Facebook:

Over the past few months, I have been in the process of purchasing the Egyptian Theater in Delta, Colorado. Yes, I will still be working as the Executive Director for the Grand Junction Symphony! This is a job of passion and wanting to preserve the venue for future generations.
This is a 1928 silent movie/vaudeville theater in the Egyptian Revival style. There were over 100 Egyptian Theaters build in the 1920s and 30s and only 6 remain today. This is an amazing venue of cinema history. Most of the theater's original artwork is beautifully preserved. It has 425 seat and amazing acoustics.
I have started the Delta Egyptian Theater Corporation (501c3) that will operate and preserve the theater for community benefit. We hope to close on the property by the end of October. We will close the theater for a month to make some much needed upgrades and then hopefully reopen for the holidays with movies. We hope to add live music concerts in 2023-2024.

Background On Delta's Egyptian Theatre

According to deltaegyptian.org, by the 1930's, the Delta Egyptian Theatre was one of over 100 theaters in the United States decorated in the Egyptian Revival style. The discovery of the tomb of King Tut in November 1922 set off the trend of Egyptian Revival architecture.

According to Wikipedia, after years of decline, the Egyptian Theatre was restored in the 1990s. It reopened as a community theater in 1997. It was renovated again in 2009.

Delta Colorado Egyptian Theatre Map
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Plans For The Venue

What's in store for Delta's Egyptian Theatre? Anderson says, "My plan is to continue showing first-run and classic movies but also add live music, theater, and performing arts."

Currently, Anderson is working to raise funds to renovate the lobby, stage, and auditorium. Future plans include adding a support building with a new lobby, rehearsal room, green room, restrooms, and ultimately a rooftop terrace.

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