When we post pictures of criminals or of the crime of the week on our website, we aren't doing it to embarrass the suspect. The whole goal is to assist our friends in law enforcement. If the actions caught on camera or video also embarrass the suspect into not committing another crime that is a bonus. But just so everyone knows it makes no sense to be a criminal, there are cameras everywhere, and you will be caught.

The reason I was thinking about this is that just yesterday we wrote an article regarding the Crimestoppers of Mesa County Crime of the Week which was a woman stealing $150 in meat off a porch. With so many families struggling due to the pandemic this type of crime could truly devastate a family. But luckily there is a good photo of the suspect and she will be caught.

The Suspect Will Be Identified And These Crimes Will Stick With Them

A good majority of these smaller crimes do get solved in time, and when the suspect is identified then the story gets blasted online and now the suspect has a photo of them committing the crime and the charges they face now online for everyone to see. This could be horrible when trying to get a job or any background check in the future.

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Once You Picture Is On Our Website We Almost Never Take It Down

Once you are suspected of committing a crime unless you can show proof from the courts no media outlet is required to take down your picture or any information regarding your case. So these little things could really affect the rest of your life and for these reasons and more, it just doesn't make sense to me why people would commit a crime now with so many cameras around.

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