The Grand Junction rumor mill is rarely silent and it seems to be running at full bore during the holiday season.

We already know about the Santa Claus rumor, so I'll just move on from that. My best evidence of the Santa Claus rumor is the nice collection of lumps of coal I've got going. No one else I know puts lumps of coal in stockings.

So, that leaves us with the perpetual Costco and Cracker Barrel rumors. Thanks to Facebook for giving us a vehicle to efficiently disseminate rumors and conjecture.

I saw this post on Facebook this week, "I was told yesterday by someone that ground is being broken in January for a Cracker Barrel Restaurant. It will be on Horizon Drive. Has anyone else heard this?" 

Here is some of the conversation that followed.

"Haven't heard that but was told a Costco had already bought land somewhere here to build. Anyone hear that?"

I’ve heard that! From what I’ve heard it will be in front of community hospital somewhere!"

" I have heard that story too, for over 20 years. First was gonna be behind Kmart, then a theatre was gonna go there, etc etc....."

"I would love to have a Cracker Barrel here!"

"No, but I saw something going on on horizon yesterday that looked like it could have been that."

 "Really!!! I held out for 10 years and when we leave they build one."

So the Grand Junction rumor mill is alive and well - and maybe you can make a contribution, whether you have mere speculation or purported facts. We'd love to hear it. Is Costco coming to Grand Junction? Are we finally getting a Cracker Barrel? Is there really a jolly fat man in a red suit watching you sleep?

Only time will tell what is fact and what it truly fiction.

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