I have gone to every Colorado Rockies Home Opener since I can remember.

The first game at home in Denver is like a holiday for me, my family and apparently others as well.

According to 9News Coors Field just received 36,000 hot dogs, 600 gallons of ketchup, 300 gallons of mustard, 6,000 pounds of chips for nachos and 1,000 gallons of cheese sauce.

This is just enough food for this Friday, April 5. Saturday a new load of food will come and again on Sunday.

At this point, if you don't already have a ticket to the sold-out game it could be a little tricky and pretty pricey as well.

If you're determined to hit a home run and with finding a ticket the day of the game I suggest you go early. I've seen fans in the past wait several blocks away and for hours and didn't get a ticket.

Let's just hope you don't get one strike, two strike, or three strikes and be out. The Colorado Rockies need their fans cheering them on.

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