My name is Zane. I am a wallet hoarder. I need help.

I have lived in denial about my hoarding problem for quite some time. In fact, I've had the wallet pictured above for probably six years. Obviously, that is way too long considering the condition of the wallet itself, and all the crap that's tucked inside.

I first began to realize the extent and seriousness of my problem when my pants, one by one, began getting holes in the back pocket. While my waistline has been bulging, so has my wallet. But what's a guy to do. We can't carry a purse like the ladies do, although with my wallet slammed fully, it was like carrying a purse in my back pocket.

There's the Olive Garden gift card; movie gift card;movie club card;library card; social security card; City Market card; Safeway card;Walgreen's card; Rite-Aid card; Big Lots card; Auto Zone card; CVS Pharmacy card; debit card; credit card; driver's license; range card; insurance card; personal business cards; Starbuck card; CHSAA card; various business cards; oh, and maybe some cash.

Then there's the  receipts that have been stashed in the wallet for so long, the print has worn off and there's no way to even tell what they are  for. Then there are various notes with confirmation numbers of hotel reservations that are months - maybe even years old.

Beyond that, I find another bank credit card that has never been activated instead, it's stashed in there just in case it's needed some day.

No wonder my wallet looks like a double quarter-pounder with cheese with everything on it.

So I realized I needed help. First thing was to get a new wallet - and not just any wallet. A thin wallet, that can not hold a ton of stuff- that will force me to downsize. Found one on-line at Wasn't sure exactly what I was getting, but I figured for $19 it was worth a gamble.

When the new wallet arrived three days later I was stunned at how small, compact, and thin it was. I then began the process of transferring the contents of my old wallet to the new. Obviously, not everything can go. I have to make some tough decisions -- what stays and what goes.

(Zane Mathews)

Eventually, the new wallet is stocked and ready for pocket action. I am amazed at how light it is, and how it doesn't even feel like there's anything in my back pocket.

As for the stuff that didn't make the cut -- which was about 75% of my wallet's contents -- it actually stayed in the old wallet. What a great place to store that stuff for if and when I need a particular card in the future. I now keep the old wallet stashed away safely for quick and easy access.

Now, with such a thin wallet in my pocket, I find myself reaching back there at various times during the day just to feel it's thinness in my hand- and just to make sure it's there, because I can't feel it. It was a $19 well-worth it - and may have cured me of being a wallet hoarder.

We'll have to see what my wallet  looks like six years from now.