There are a number of ways a car can get damaged in Colorado. While some are due to collisions, others can happen even when you're not driving the vehicle.

While it's difficult to find definitive information about auto damage that doesn't also include personal injury, there are damages which appear to happen more often than others.

Also, some of the common damages are minor, so they aren't always reported to insurance companies or taken to auto body shops for repair.

With all that in mind, here are the top five categories, in no particular order, of damages to automobiles in Colorado with some help from Abra Auto.

  • Mother Nature - Hail, wind and other forces of nature we can't control cause everything from very minor to significant damage. Add road salt and sand due to winter weather and your car is guaranteed to start to chip and rust away.
  • Negligence - This is the most annoying because it's both out of your control and almost completely preventable. This includes dents and dings from shopping carts, someone using your car as their car's door-stop and other things that bump into your car hard enough to damage it.
  • Fender Benders - It doesn't matter if someone or something runs into you or you run into it, you see a lot of these. While many 'benders' don't make a car undrivable, you're shocked at how expensive something so minor is to repair. That's why so many cars just wear these road scars.
  • High-Speed Crashes - In Colorado, it's not just other cars you have to watch out for. High-speed wildlife collisions or crashing into immovable objects like a tree are guaranteed to significantly damage your car and probably injure you and your passengers, too.
  • Rocks - While this could be in the Mother Nature category, it's hard to find any vehicle in Colorado that hasn't had a window or paint chipped by a rock. Add to that the vehicles damaged by falling rocks or rocks on the road and you can see why rocks deserve a category of their own.

On a final note, the most common cause of auto accidents in Colorado is distracted driving. That's texting, talking, eating or anything else that takes your attention away from the road.

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