The storm mentioned below took place in the middle of December as most of the country prepared to travel for the holiday season.

What a week for winds in the Centennial State. 

If you missed the videos of the dust storm that started in Colorado we will take a look below, before diving into a look at the strongest and highest wind gusts that have been recorded over the last 25 years in the state.

Wednesday's Winter Storm brought dangerous winds to many parts of the state with the highest gust happening at Lamar Airport in Southeast Colorado. The highest gust recorded there reached 107 miles per hour.

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Colorado Started A Dust Storm That Reached All The Way To Wisconsin

The dust storm really got rolling over near Pueblo, Colorado. Can you imagine seeing this coming into your neighborhood as you head home from work?

Colorado's Dust Storm Spins Into The Midwest

Can you imagine what people in Nebraska and Kansas thought when they saw this thing coming out of Colorado? How about the poor folks making cheese in Wisconsin? How far back do you think you have to go to find the last "Dust Storm" that made it to the rolling hills of Wisconsin? Actually, I'll admit it happens more than we all think.

Here is another video of the dust storm in Colorado as it passed over the Pike's Peak area. 

What Are Some Of The Highest Wind Speeds Recorded in Colorado?

While the data only started being recorded in the early 80s, Colorado's highest wind speeds year after year seem to come from a few select places. High in the mountains of Larimer County, Boulder County, and areas to the South, are usually the places lighting up the map each year with the strongest winds. 

The Highest Wind Gusts Recorded Each of the Past 25 Years in Colorado

See which days have brought the strongest winds to Colorado for each of the past 25 years.

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