Imagine going down the highway, at normal speeds, and you pass a beer truck and look up into the cab and, well, there's no one there.

So this is a real thing, folks. Recently, Budweiser, along with assistance from CDOT, ran a beer truck from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs through Denver, on the highway.

Here's the best part. No accidents.

There were actually no issues of any kind, as the trip was done in the wee hours of the morning. In fact, it set a Guinness World record! Ironic that a truck loaded with Budweiser would set a Guinness record, but there you go. And for the record, the record was "longest continuous journey by a driverless and autonomous lorry".

Using computers and GPS technology, OTTO, a company purchased by UBER and now known as Uber ATG, provided the tech, Budweiser the truck and driver and of course, beer. For the record, there was a driver on board, but other than a few moments in the driver's seat prior to the trip's beginning, remained in the sleeper portion of the cab and did not interfere with the vehicle.

While this is most certainly impressive, it makes you wonder about the future of trucking. Will this only be a short haul thing? Or will it eventually replace all truck drivers with automated trucks like this one?

Talk to us and tell us what you think about this latest bit of technology!

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