Colorado's first drive-thru marijuana dispensary is set to open on April 20 in Parachute.

We shouldn't be surprised that the drive-thru dispensary is opening on 4/20, the "code" term for cannabis consumption. Obviously, that is no accident or coincidence.

The Tumbleweed Express Drive-Thru will see plenty of business from I-70 traffic, tourists, and others just passing by, in addition to local traffic. This drive-thru may be more popular than the recently opened Freddy's in Grand Junction. Which, has seen cars frequently lined up around the building waiting to get through. Let me just say, I will not be in that line.

There are three primary rules that must be followed by the new drive-thru.

  • No one under 21 is permitted on the premises, even if they are in the back seat of the car.
  • There must be security and surveillance.
  • No marijuana can be visible from outside the store.

The town of Parachute gave its stamp of approval for the business in February and now the drive-thru is set to become reality. How long before there are more of these popping up across the state?

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