If you were growing up in the 80s, you're gonna love this cool Colorado modern antique shop that looks more like a museum for 1980s pop culture.

What do you think of when you look back at the 80s?

For me, I think of Air Supply, New Kids on the Block, The A-Team,  Pac-Man,  Back to the Future, and my first car, a 1960 Rambler. Wow, those are great memories!

If you have great memories of the 80s, Fifty-two 80s is the place for you. Located in Denver, the store is filled with the 80s and 90s collectibles, memorabilia, toys, and lots of pop culture items. Whether you were a kid in the 80s or a parent of an 80s kid, this shop brings back memories that you can buy and take home with you like cabbage patch kids, Atari games, Care Bears, and Garbage Pail Kid cards.

They also have some sports memorabilia including a large collection of vintage Denver Broncos stuff that any diehard Broncos fan would love to have.

A walk through this shop is going to be like taking a stroll down memory lane. You're bound to see things that bring back fond memories as well as some cool 80s stuff you totally forgot about.

You'll find Fifty-two 80s at 1874 South Broadway in Denver - and don't forget the credit card!

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