A man with a total lack of common sense about wildlife is being sought by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials for harassing a moose in Frisco, Colo.

The man, who was photographed by a witness, got close to the moose and started antagonizing it. CPW says the photo indicates the moose is angry as its ears are pinned back and the hackles along the back are raised.

To make matters worse, it's reported the guy chased the moose onto the median of 10 Mile Road in Frisco creating a hazard for himself, motorists, and the moose.

It is very evident from the photo that the moose is angry, and the man could easily have been attacked and injured, or possibly killed.. It is likely this person does not realize how much danger he put himself in, or maybe he does not care. We hope a conversation with this individual can help him understand the danger involved.

This guy was lucky. CPW says moose aren't afraid of humans and will generally tolerate their presence. They will aggressively protect themselves if they feel threatened or harassed. Keeping a safe distance greatly reduces any perceived threat by a moose.

CPW asks that anyone who knows the man who harassed the moose or witnessed the event call Operation Game Thief at 877-265-6648. The person in the photo faces charges of harassment of wildlife in the incident.

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