Teens in Colorado are making the smart choice and choosing to abstain from consuming marijuana.

According to a new report from NORML, marijuana use amongst the youth has seen a sharp decline over recent years.

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Healthy Kids Colorado

Teenagers across the state were given a survey to fill out that asked questions about their consumption and access to marijuana. In three different areas, marijuana usage declined amongst teens.

The three reported areas are:

  • actual marijuana usage
  • perceived usage
  • driving while under the influence of marijuana

The study found a 35% decrease year-over-year in self-reported teen consumption of marijuana in the past 30 days. There was also a 22% drop in the percentage of teens who said that they could easily access cannabis.  In addition, there was a 50 percent decrease in the percentage of teens who admitted having driven after using cannabis.

Cannabis Can Be Safely Regulated in Colorado

When cannabis became legalized in Colorado, a big concern was whether or not it would encourage the youth to start consuming marijuana. However multiple studies have found that isn't the case.

“These data are consistent with other surveys showing that marijuana regulation policies can be implemented in a manner that provides access for adults while simultaneously limiting youth access and misuse,” NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano said.

“These findings ought to reassure lawmakers and others that cannabis access for adults can be regulated in ways that do not inadvertently impact young people’s habits.”

Cannabis Can Be Safely Regulated Across the U.S.

Colorado is actually not the only state that saw teen consumption of marijuana decrease.

In fact, according to a report from the US National Institute on Drug Abuse:

  • 7.1% of 8th graders reported using marijuana in the past year in 2021, compared to 11.4% in 2020
  • 17.3% of 10th graders reported using marijuana in the past year in 2021, compared to 28.0% in 2020
  • 30.5% of 12th graders reported using marijuana in the past year in 2021, compared to 35.2% in 2020.

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