You would definitely have needed a bigger boat if you were to actually catch this fish, made in the sky over CSU. Lots of lemons, too.

The patience that it would take to reel in a giant trout, is most likely unmatched by the amount of patience this artist had to create this piece. There must have been more than a few people that saw the lights, and wondered what was going on.

Christman Airfield at Colorado State University, in conjunction with CSU's Drone Center, is often used for drone fights, as it was for this particular night. You may have seen a "drone show" or two in your life, but you probably have not seen this art created with the use of drones.

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This artist, Mark Bellncula, a CSU graduate, came to town to produce one of his unique "3-D pattern" pieces of art. that he calls "sculpture in space and time." His Instagram page calls them, "Massive, ephemeral, time-dilated light sculptures."

CSU/Mark Bellncula

This is a still of the GIF Bellncula was able to produce with his work. According to Colorado State University, he gave the drone pilots on-hand coordinates for their drones; the drones (with lights attached,) would go into a place and a photo would be taken. Then, the drones would have new "missions," and new photos would be taken. And so on.


The end product is a trout in the night sky that looks as though it's swimming, without water. It's one of the "craziest" things I've ever seen. Do yourself a favor and see the fish swim, for yourself, with Colorado State University.

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