Halloween, the spookiest time of the year, is only a few weeks away.

Northern Colorado's Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, famous for its connection to one of the most popular horror movies of all time, The Shining, has just added a new tour to its lineup of Shining-related tours, kicking off just in time for "spooky season".

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About The Stanley Hotel's Caretaker's Cottage/Shining Suite Tour

According to the Stanley Hotel's website, this new tour combines the history of Lamborn’s Caretaker’s Cottage with its relevance to Estes Park, CO, and the Stanley Campus with Stephen King’s and Stanley Kubrick’s creativity.

"You will discover how these elements of history can add up to a challenging and inspirational landscape for the thrilling story of The Shining, derived from the creative imagination of Stephen King and interpreted through the directorial lens of Stanley Kubrick."

The Stanley Hotel
The Stanley Hotel

The space is part of a larger renovation of the hotel’s Caretaker Cottage that “commemorates both the hotel’s real and fictional history,” according to MOA associate Taylor Coe, the company’s strategic growth manager, the Loveland Reporter-Herald said. 

“The first floor is a time machine. Step inside to be whisked back to 1912, when the hotel’s first caretaker moved in with his family,” Coe wrote. “The design team spared no detail to achieve this effect. Look closer and even the smallest details stand up to scrutiny — from period brass air registers to the hand-carved crown molding.”

The Stanley Hotel
The Stanley Hotel

“The second floor leaves history behind and drops you into a disorienting, uneasy space, somewhere between cinema and the designers’ imaginations,” as per a press statement.

Included in the movie-inspired tour is a bedroom imagined to be the “Grady twins’ bedroom,” where the creepy ghost sisters who appear to the Torrance family once lived.

The Stanley Hotel
The Stanley Hotel

Not only that, those who take this particular tour will get a chance to step inside the very room from arguably one of the most horrifying scenes of the famous movie:

The Stanley Hotel
Room 237 Bathroom - The Stanley Hotel

Additional Tour Information

The tour runs an hour long and is open to all individuals who are at least 8 years old.

Although tour-goers won't be permitted to actually stay in the cottage, they'll be able to navigate through the area and take photos to absorb spooky memories for years to come.

Tickets for the tour cost $30 per person. While reservations are not required for this tour, the Stanley Hotel recommends booking your tour date/time in advance; each tour is limited to 10 people.

The Caretaker's Cottage + Shining Suite Tour runs through Saturday, Dec. 31.

For more information about the tour and all of The Stanley Hotel's tours, visit stanleyhotel.com.

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