The viral Colorado Springs home dubbed a "slice of hell" has sold for over asking price.

The house caught national attention after it went on the market earlier this month. Covered in graffiti and described as a "landlord's nightmare," said the residence had had rotting meat in its basement for over a year.

" sure to wear your mask. You may not be able to endure the smell if you don't," read the listing. "DO NOT OPEN FREEZER IN BASEMENT."

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Still, realtor Mimi Foster put the house on the market in the hopes that an ambitious future homeowner would see it as a fixer-upper. And five days later, someone did.

According to Insider, the residence, which also contained dead cats and had holes in the walls, sold for over $590,000 on Sunday (June 20). Foster reportedly received over 70 offers on the home.

In fact, Foster told The Denver Post that she did not even accept the highest offer. Rather, she's entrusted the residence to locals who have friends in the area and "are anxious to bring it back to its majestic glory."

But how did the house get to be in such bad shape in the first place? Insider reports that the previous owner was evicted for not paying rent...and they weren't happy about it.

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