A new report shows Colorado seniors are among the healthiest in the nation.

Colorado residents age 65 and over are ranked the fourth healthiest in the nation according to figures released by the National Health Foundation.

The healthy status is attributed to high levels of physical activity and low levels of obesity.

We know that a lot of people come to western Colorado for retirement. The mild climate on the western slope is a huge draw, but so are the activities for retirees which help keep them active. Things like hiking, biking, and skiing provide plenty of healthful activities which are good for the heart, as well as the waistline.

Other factors contributing to Colorado's healthy seniors is an 11% decrease in smoking, a decrease in preventable hospitalizations, and a decrease in poverty among the elderly.

I have quite a way to go before reaching that 65-year-old threshold, but I am hoping that when I get there I can be one of Colorado's healthy seniors. I realize that much of that depends on the choices and decision I make now. I choose my own level activity, and I choose what I'm going to eat.

It's something for all of us to think about because you know what? We are all headed in the exact same direction.

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