Senior citizens are generally relatively easy to spot - the gray hair, wrinkles, a hunched- over walk - but here are 10 dead giveaways that you are in the dwelling place of a senior citizen - or maybe you are one, regardless of your age.

Appearance is one of the easiest ways to spot a senior citizen, but there are clues we can see from one's house that younger days have long since passed. It may be in the technology, the decor, or the accessories, but there are dead giveaways that a senior citizen lives here.

Take a look around your house. If you spot too many of these items, there is a high probability you are a senior citizen.

  • 1

    Vintage Egg Beater

    Some people use a vintage egg beater because retro is cool. Others, though, use the same egg beater they have been using for 40 years because it's cheap - and reliable.

    Zane Mathews
  • 2


    Senior citizens tend to be thrifty, which may explain why they hold on to their VCR rather than investing in a DVD player or cable TV with on-demand. Remember, for senior citizens, at the time, a VCR was cutting edge technology.

    Zane Mathews
  • 3

    Uncovered Fluorescent Light Fixture

    Maybe it's because these are easier to maintain and clean,or maybe it's a well-intentioned effort to stay off a ladder. Regardless, a senior citizen's house usually has at least one of these cover-less lights.

    Zane Mathews
  • 4

    Rain Gauge

    Senior citizens take pride in knowing exactly how much rain we got last night, which completely explains the rain gauge hanging out on the fence.

    Zane Mathews
  • 5

    Manual Typewriter

    Sure, computers may be faster and potentially easier, but the manual typewriter is comfortable and reliable. It doesn't crash - and it doesn't auto-correct.

    Zane Mathews
  • 6

    Magnifying Glass

    Few people escape eyesight decline, and unfortunately, the print on prescription bottles and labels remain as small as ever as we get older. It is not uncommon to find a looking glass nearby.

    Zane Mathews
  • 7

    Old Style Television

    Flat screen TV's are more affordable than ever and versatile for hanging on the wall or setting on the counter. Yet, "we like our old TV just fine."

    Zane Mathews
  • 8

    Lawn Ornaments

    It's possible you saw these concrete lawn ornaments setting in  your grandparents' yard when you were a kid, and then somehow they were transferred to your parent's yard where they still reside - along with a few additions to keep them company.

    Zane Mathews
  • 9

    Corded Telephone

    With the advent of cell phones, many people have done away with their home phone - and those that still have one at least have gone cordless. There must be something comforting about the cord attached to a phone that keeps seniors hopelessly attached to their corded phone.

    Zane Mathews
  • 10

    Bulletin Board

    It seems like the older people get, the more doctors they have, which requires a bulletin board for keeping track of all the doctor appointments, phone numbers, and addresses.

    Zane Mathews